No Problem

Something is beginning to annoy me mightily. I go into a store and buy an item. Once I pay for it and the transaction is complete, I say to the clerk, “Thank you”. It seems that increasingly the reply from the clerk (invariably a young person) is “No problem”.

My first reaction is, “Of course it isn’t a problem! I just bought something from your business, paid you for it and thanked you for taking my money. Did you think it might be a problem and were surprised when the transaction went well?”

What worries me is that maybe these young clerks think they really are doing you a favour by showing up for work and actually earning their wage by running your purchase through their check-out.

But probably it is more likely just a phrase that they spew out without having to think about a proper response. Like saying “Thank you for coming in” or even something as generic and insincere as, “Have a good day”.

However I guess it’s better than “Bugger off, I’ve been here an hour and I’m sick of talking to customers already”.

“Thanks for listening”.

“No problem”.


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