“Gun-Toting Yanks” not Welcome in Toronto

The Toronto gun-banners seem to be showing their true colours these days. Which is a lot of nastiness. The latest is a letter from Toronto councillor Adam Vaughan, writing in to the Toronto Star and commenting on letters they have received on the Mayor’s vendetta against legal firearm owners and the newest proposal to shut down all of the shooting clubs in the city.

My favourite letters are the ones being sent from the U.S. Gun owners there are now urging a boycott of Toronto. Considering that most of the problems with guns on our streets emanate from south of the border, I couldn’t be happier. If all it took was closing a couple of shooting ranges to stop gun-toting Yanks from coming to our city, maybe we should have shut the doors on these clubs years ago.

Having just come back from a driving trip through the U.S. that touched on 8 States and having experienced a level of friendliness and the hospitality there that truly impressed me, I am ashamed to see comments such as those from one of Toronto’s elected officials.

It has occurred to me that Toronto’s Mayor and now his city councillors are doing no favours to the image of the city they are supposed to be representing.

Mayor Miller is doing his utmost best to tell the world that Toronto is a dangerous place to live and visit. All this in spite of an article in Macleans magazine that placed Toronto away down the list of Canada’s “dangerous” cities at a comfortable 26th. Now an elected councillor is publicly saying to American tourists – “Keep out of our city”.

Shouldn’t they be projecting a more positive image for their city?

Toronto has publicized itself as “Toronto the Good”, while a new website pokes at it as “Toronto the Bad. Maybe we should just go back to its old name: Hogtown.


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12 Responses to ““Gun-Toting Yanks” not Welcome in Toronto”

  1. councillor adam vaughan Says:

    Yes I said that “gun totin’ yanks” are not welcome, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love , welcome and cherish all US citizens who obey the law and visit Toronto for business or pleasure without illegally “packin’ heat”. Fortunately most US citizens come to Toronto the way everyone else arrives… They repect our laws and customs and are, as a result, greeted warmly.

  2. totalrecoil Says:

    I’m sure that most US readers fully understood your affection for them.

  3. Dustin Says:

    Toronto City Council Councilor Joe Mihevc & his executive assistant Sean Hill have added insult to injury. Check out the e-mail thread I have published on my blog dated today June 10th 2008 with the title “New Reasons to Boycott Toronto Canada”

  4. Xristo Says:

    Adam Vaughn: I’m glad you read your own press.

    I just posted on a forum of 30,000 Americans telling them exactly what this city thinks of them.
    And there are countless others like myself who have posted on other forums with membership numbers that are high up in the 6 figure range.

    We will win, and despite what you think, there is nothing wrong with that.

    I think it’s time you change your tune, Mr. Vaughn. Stop using legal gun owners as a scapegoat. You yourself should apply for a firearms license if only to get an appreciation for the hoops we have to jump through.

    Forgive any logical fallacies here, but consider the following:
    Buying nice guns and shooting them is enjoyable. So is sex. If some people misuse their right to have sex by committing rape….will you ban recreational sex for everybody else because of it? Even if you could, do you really think you have that right?


  5. V65Magnafan Says:

    Reasons to seek help from a mental health professional:

    1) Unreasonable fear of airplanes
    2) Unreasonable fear of heights
    3) Uunreasonable fear of open spaces
    4) Unreasonable fear of germs
    5) Unreasonable fear of certain religious and ethnic groups

    These obsessons frequently impair the enjoyment and effectiveness of the lives of both the obsessive person and those around that person. When taken to extremes the acts of the obsessive person can even be illegal.

    5) Oh, and unreasonable fear of legal firearms.

    How could I forget that?

  6. Shawn Says:

    Ah yes,

    Miller and his minions have a problem with the gangbangers. Millers repsonse ban Americans and cancel the fishing show!

    Toronto you will not get one red cent of my money. Also I am encouraging my family to move out of the beaches to the “519” where the air is clear and you can walk the streets!

  7. Paulinski Says:

    Councillor Adam Vaughan

    As an elected official you represent all those residents that voted for you.

    Em I to understand that every resident in your ward calls American Citizens Yanks?

    I hate to hear you call African American person or member of any other ethnic community.


  8. Chris Says:

    Oh I have to love the backbiting… I mean backpeddling by little man Vaughn. Do Toronto a favour dear sir, and when you are done felating Miller pack your bags and get the hell out.

  9. Jackenape Says:

    To quote you, Councilor Vaughan “…but that doesn’t mean I don’t love , welcome and cherish all US citizens who obey the law and visit Toronto for business or pleasure without illegally “packin’ heat”.”

    I am a Canadian citizen who obeys the law, does not “pack heat” and visits Toronto for business (which, just happens to be firearm related) yet you show me no love, welcoming or cherishing when you ban local shooting ranges and have a vendetta against legal gun owners.

  10. Foxer Says:

    The so-called councilor’s comment is:

    “Yes I said that “gun totin’ yanks” are not welcome, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love , welcome and cherish all US citizens who obey the law ”

    Sorry Adam – it doesn’t work that way. When you insult a person’s heritage and nationality, you don’t get to go back and try to ‘smooth it over’ that way. Do you really expect us to believe you meant only ‘illegally packing gun owner’ who just HAPPEN to use the licensed range facilities you were speaking out against?

    Your remarks are shameful. Americans and Canadians outside of Toronto should boycott any dealings with this arrogant, irresponsible and clearly bigoted council AND their city.

  11. Nightmare Says:

    Mr. Vaughn

    I drive a truck. This is my trailer.


    I pass or am passed by thousands of vehicles in America. Daily.

    I am a proud Canadian. My wife and boy are American. Many of my good friends are American.

    They have done nothing to warrant you blaming and disparaging them for YOUR GLARING FAILURES.

    By insulting my wife, my boy and my friends…I guaran-damn-t you I WILL work for your opposition when your seat comes up for election next.

    That is a promise you can take to the bank. Get your fill at the trough while you can…

  12. Dandan Says:

    I think this is a very passionate issue amongst gunowners.

    Gunowners are more active do defend their views, as you can read, with lots of passion, and I wish, with more reason. In an argument it’s easy to go to the extremes and be cynical. I hope that those arguments do not have a long lifespan.
    They do however motivate me to be more active and passionate about my opinion that handguns should be banned.
    Yes they might be enjoyable, yes it is a loss for some but as an adult society, you get to learn compromise to live together. Children learn to make consessions, and I’m asking those who have handguns to make consessions. There is maybe a way for me to come to a middle ground: Allow handguns but restrict the trade very heavily, much more than at present.

    For any challenge I support a “hollistic approach”. Those who tell you the economy, handguns, life’s decisions are easy, those are happy fools I think.

    Handguns aren’t the problem, they are part of the problem. Start attacking the problem from all sides.

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