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“Gun-Toting Yanks” not Welcome in Toronto

June 2, 2008

The Toronto gun-banners seem to be showing their true colours these days. Which is a lot of nastiness. The latest is a letter from Toronto councillor Adam Vaughan, writing in to the Toronto Star and commenting on letters they have received on the Mayor’s vendetta against legal firearm owners and the newest proposal to shut down all of the shooting clubs in the city.

My favourite letters are the ones being sent from the U.S. Gun owners there are now urging a boycott of Toronto. Considering that most of the problems with guns on our streets emanate from south of the border, I couldn’t be happier. If all it took was closing a couple of shooting ranges to stop gun-toting Yanks from coming to our city, maybe we should have shut the doors on these clubs years ago.

Having just come back from a driving trip through the U.S. that touched on 8 States and having experienced a level of friendliness and the hospitality there that truly impressed me, I am ashamed to see comments such as those from one of Toronto’s elected officials.

It has occurred to me that Toronto’s Mayor and now his city councillors are doing no favours to the image of the city they are supposed to be representing.

Mayor Miller is doing his utmost best to tell the world that Toronto is a dangerous place to live and visit. All this in spite of an article in Macleans magazine that placed Toronto away down the list of Canada’s “dangerous” cities at a comfortable 26th. Now an elected councillor is publicly saying to American tourists – “Keep out of our city”.

Shouldn’t they be projecting a more positive image for their city?

Toronto has publicized itself as “Toronto the Good”, while a new website pokes at it as “Toronto the Bad. Maybe we should just go back to its old name: Hogtown.