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Utah scenery: Bryce Canyon

May 20, 2008

Ponderosa Point

The first time I drove through Utah I was blown away by the scenery. Not just the Park areas, but the landscape in general. Rugged and colourful. However I didn’t have the opportunity to take in some of the more spectacular areas.

On our trip through the State in April we took the time to explore Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks. Both are visually stunning, although from my perspective Zion wins simply because it overwhelms you with size and colour.

Which is not to say that Bryce Canyon isn’t a magnificent piece of country.

The problem (?) with Bryce is that the huge red hoodoos are so extensive that after you have pulled into a few viewpoints, gotten out of the car and taken some pictures, it all begins to blend together. We saw that with a couple from Illinois where the husband wasn’t even getting out of the vehicle to look out over the latest viewpoint. He said that after you have seen two or three vistas of red hoodoos, you’ve seen them all. Not entirely true, but I understood his position.

A couple more pictures from the many photos I took from the many viewpoints:

Natural Bridge

Bryce Point