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Still Traveling

April 26, 2008

Before we meander out of New Mexico today (if you call traveling at 75 mph on the Interstate ‘meandering’) I am compelled to say that the people we have met in New Mexico are some of the most hospitable we have met anywhere. So many times when we told someone in a hotel where we were booking in, or in a shop and even more surprisingly at a golf course, we were thanked for coming to New Mexico. And the nice part is it comes across as very spontaneous.

The furthest east we got in New Mexico was Santa Fe. A great little city. We stumbled on to a marvelous little privately owned motel called the El Rey. Built in 1936 it originally sat out in the countryside all by itself. Now of course it is surrounded by all of the big chains and other commercial buildings, but it sits on 4 acres and has retained its unique flavour. Rates are reasonable and the staff is excellent. Highly recommended for anyone traveling into Santa Fe.

We also enjoyed walking around and shopping in the Plaza which is the old, downtown core. We stopped in the historic downtown section of Albuquergue as well and it didn’t hold a candle to Santa Fe.

One morning we were walking around the Plaza area and we saw an older gentleman across the street walking a very large black and white Great Dane. While we watched he was stopped numerous times by individuals obviously fascinated by the dog, who would talk to the owner and pet the dog and then move on. As it happened he crossed the street and we met him coming back up. We, like the others, stopped to pet the dog and chat with the gentleman and noted that it wasn’t a very good exercise walk for the dog with so many people stopping him enroute. He laughed and said, ” Oh, this isn’t a walk, it’s an adoration  tour”. I think he was right. The Great Dane was holding court.

Just one of those brief encounters that leave you with a taste of the local flavour of a community.