License and register cars to reduce the killing!

Winnipeg police say that, increasingly, cars are being used as weapons.

Winnipeg police fired at a moving vehicle for the second time in recent weeks – and the fourth time in four months – during a chase Sunday in the city’s north end.

Police had laid a spike belt across the road in an effort to puncture the vehicle’s tires, but the driver swerved toward a police officer standing nearby, a police spokeswoman said yesterday.

The officer, who narrowly avoided being hit, fired at the car, but the bullet struck the side of the vehicle and failed to injure any of its four occupants.

Constable Jacqueline Chaput said the officer had no choice but to try to stop the threat.


Police say it’s becoming more common for vehicles to be used as weapons on the city’s streets. Constable Chaput said it may be something that has to be specifically addressed in police training.

“We may need to change certain tactics on certain things depending how many times these types of occurrences happen,” Constable Chaput said.

Obviously, what we need to do is license the drivers of these wheeled weapons and register them as well.

Damn, we already do that.

OK – concerned citizens need to rise up and demand that our politicans pass legislation banning motorized vehicles outright.

But then would only criminals have cars?

A fallback position: Commission a poll.


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