Laws, laws and more laws

Although the British Columbia ‘3 metre’ smoking law‘ is, in my opinion, silly because of enforcement problems, it could be defended (by those who feel the need to do so) with the argument that it is really an exercise in social engineering and therefore it doesn’t have to make sense.

This bit of legislation out of Chicago doesn’t even pass that test.

Tiny plastic bags used to sell small quantities of heroin, crack cocaine, marijuana and other drugs would be banned in Chicago, under a crackdown advanced Tuesday by a City Council committee.

Ald. Robert Fioretti (2nd) persuaded the Health Committee to ban possession of “self-sealing plastic bags under two inches in either height or width,” after picking up 15 of the bags on a recent Sunday afternoon stroll through a West Side park.

Lt. Kevin Navarro, commanding officer of the Chicago Police Department’s Narcotics and Gang Unit, said the ordinance will be an “important tool” to go after grocery stores, health food stores and other businesses. The bags are used by the thousand to sell small quantities of drugs at $10 or $20 a bag.

What in the hell is this all about? Do these people really think that banning tiny plastic bags is going to have an effect on the drug trade in Chicago? Isn’t this like trying to cure measles by putting pancake make-up on to hide the spots?

Of course there was a dissenting opinion.

Prior to the final vote, Ald. Walter Burnett (27th) expressed concern about arresting innocent people. He noted that extra buttons that come with suits, shirts and blouses — and jewelry that’s been repaired — come in similar plastic bags.

But Alderman Burnett was easily convinced.

Burnett was reassured by language that states “one reasonably should know that such items will be or are being used” to package, transfer, deliver or store a controlled substance. Violators would be punished by a $1,500 fine.

But the police spokesman said that it would “be an “important tool” to go after grocery stores, health food stores and other businesses”. Is that where they are dealing drugs?

It sounds more like a desperate move by a police department and a city council that have a serious problem and no answers and who are simply grabbing at straws to at least look as though they have a plan.

Actually it sounds much like the City of Toronto where the council wants a country-wide ban on handguns in order to control gang shooting in a localized area of the city. This apparently in the belief that if you make it illegal to own handguns and take them away from all of the legitimate, licensed citizens, that the thugs and drug dealers will also give up their guns and turn to legitimate business practices, where presumably they will solve their personal differences through law suits and arbitration rather than drive-by shootings.

I’ve probably said this before, but shouldn’t there be some kind of ‘Rational Thinking’ test that you have to take before you can run for public office?


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    That is interesting! I can’t believe Chicago is getting involved with this nonsense… It’s like they’re out of useful ideas.

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