Gas price jumps, media hype and social engineering

I see today that Esso stations in town have jumped their pump prices to $1.184 cents per litre up from $1.154 cents which again was a major jump a couple of weeks ago from $1.099. The other companies are rapidly falling into line behind them.

It occurred to me that we get set up for these price bumps through the media. They bring various financial analysts on to their news and talk shows who give doomsday predictions on what is yet to come. We’re told that gasoline prices will rise at the pumps to $1.50 or maybe $2.00 a litre by summer. Then right on schedule the gas companies give us another crack across the side of the head and we glumly bite the bullet thinking, ‘well they told us so’. Obviously they need the money more than I.

Now in B.C., on top of these industry price increases, the provincial government is going to smoke us with another 2.4 cents at the pumps on the 1st of July to make us more environmentally responsible. Thanks a lot guys, I really appreciate your concern!

Other than the provincial government’s attempt at social engineering, we’re told that it’s just the market at work and that’s probably the case. Unfortunately I just can’t keep my paranoia from kicking in. I really would like to believe in a global conspiracy because it’s just so hard to stay angry at market forces. Now the government – that’s a different matter.

Anyway, I gassed up at the old rate today so that puts me ahead of the game by $1.50. Life is good.



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