Percentage of firearm ownership by State

Before looking at this graph I would have thought that certain States would have had higher percentages, such as Texas and Nevada. However the low ownership in California and DC is a given.


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19 Responses to “Percentage of firearm ownership by State”

  1. James Says:

    Nice. If you crosstab with data on self-inflicted or violent crime with a handgun, and age-adjust, do states with high per capita or prevalence of handgun ownership predict/associate with suicide and/or violent crime with a handgun?

  2. Daryl Says:

    You are forgeting that the vast majority of violence comes from unregistered firearms in the hands of gang members or other bad people that I wouldn”t want as neighbors.
    The honest and law abiding person is by far the last person you need to fear. In fact, such a person with a CCW could just save your life some day.
    The really sad thing about data is that anybody can read anything they want into it. It really depends on how the guide lines for the data are set up. They can be slanted one way or the other very easly.

  3. John Says:

    I certainly agree with Daryl. A little data can be a dangerous thing. Even a biased study with completely unreasonable outcome criteria can sway those who are gun-phobic to believe just about anything. An often quoted study asserts that you or your family members are many times more likely to be injured or killed by a firearm kept in your home for the purpose of self defense than you are to use that same firearm to protect yourself or your family from a violent attack. One gaping hole in the study is that the criteria that the study author used for “successfully stopping a violent attack” was that the assailant had to be killed by said firearm. I think most will agree that having the perpetrator flee or surrender when confronted with a firearm by the homeowner. Or siimply run like hell when they hear something like” Get the shot gun Bill! Somoene’s in the house! Those would certainly fall into the success category in my humble opinion. If you use the same logic that the study author used, you would have to concede that firearms are not a successful tool for law enforcement, because, more often than not they do not use their firearm to kill the perpetrator. Ii is mainly used to illicit cooperation from the perpetrator, and if need be for the protection of the officer and innocent bystanders.

    If you could cut the death rate of all children and adults by not less than 90%, by following one simple mandate, would you do it? Even if everyone in the country who owned guns would agree to have their guns melted down and recycled to make monkey bars for kid’s playgrounds. I’ll bet you wouldn’t! Because the leading cause of death by far to children and young adults is car accidents. If you were willing to drop the maximum speed limit to 35 miles per hour, Tens of thousands would be saved in the first month. But you won’t do it, because gun control is much more glamori=ous than keeping kids from dying in car accidents. While your at it, fill up your backyard swimming pool with concrete, another cause of dearth which drastically outstrips those from firearms. Try living in the real world and maybe some of your efforts will have more than just a token effect.

  4. r.reimer Says:

    maybe the law abiding once are maybe not that problem, but how to controll the guns if so many can be purchased freely.
    It tell a lot about a nation who claym to be devellop and a superpower who like to tell others how to make a nation civilised. If so many americans need a gun to protect them self, is that civilised behaviour? Doese it give confidence to other nations to believe that america is a peacefull nation?
    I dont think so. But hay, the wild west is still alife.

    • Peter Says:

      Yippy ky-yay…
      But seriously, start with learning the language and then try to comprehend our laws and society. If you don’t understand spellcheck, how can you tackle life’s real problems? And guns CREATE civilization, FYI. Go back to your third world toilet of a nation with no guns if that is so great.

  5. Debbie Says:

    Daryl and John hit the nail right on the head! Any study, regardless of the person conducting it, can be slanted to fit his or her needs.

  6. Veterab Says:

    The theory in this evaluaton is that low gun ownership makes for less crime. Are we saying that states like Montana and Wyoming have less crime than New York? I don’t think I would be afraid to walk down a city street in either of the forementioned states without my concealed weapon. I couldn’t say that about New York.

  7. james Says:

    Here’s some data: in countries where people don’t own guns, mostly because nobody wants to, there is very, very little violent crime and gun crime. Comparing ‘states’ is rediculous because state borders are completely porous, and there are so, so many guns in the US that the laws make no difference to criminals. Theoretically speaking, bad guys will always be able to get guns, but by the law of supply and demand, as they are made uncommon through lack of interest and laws – they become much harder to get, and more expensive, thus bringing ‘bad guy’ incidence down. I live in Canada. People own a lot of hunting rifles, but no handguns. The bad guys have a very, very hard time getting a hold of pistols here – and since they know few if anyone is armed, they don’t need them – thus low levels of gun-related crime. By the way – we are every bit as free as Americans. Now – it would be hard to just go and ‘ban’ guns in the US (constitutional issues aside) – because yes, the bad guys would still have. The choice really needs to be made by the citizenry to basically chose not to have them, sell them or promote them. Only total losers and criminals want to own handguns. After 40 years of keeping them out of pop-culture, there won’t be as many guns around, and then you’ll have a situation like the rest of the civilized world – guns in the hands of a few people, and nobody else caring about them.

    • Anthony Says:

      Very old post, but i hope my comment still finds you.

      I am not sure where you get your data, when you say “in countries where people don’t own guns, mostly because nobody wants to, there is very, very little violent crime and gun crime.”. So if you would like to compare crime rates vs gun ownership, lets do just that.

      The gun ownership of the following countries, is in the top 20 in the world, for most guns owned per capita; while at the same time, they fall in the bottom 20 of reported intentional homicide by fire arm rates.


      These are not in order, and there are other countries that have high gun ownership with much more crime. I am simply trying to point out that some of the most successful, richest, and safest countries in the world, also have high gun ownership. So your logic and opinion is all but meaningless.

      At the same time, we have countries like the United Kingdom, where they have low gun ownership, lots of laws, lots of surveillance. and yet, are one of the most dangerous countries of the civilized world…. how is that, i thought lack of guns and more government control meant safety? Hah! See link below.

      I did not extensively research this subject, because really, its not needed. I live in Montana, a state where lots, and LOTS of people own guns, and yet, is 42 out of 51 (DC) in crime rate. Not to mention, many other countries examples, even some where crime skyrocketed after implementing gun control laws.

      So in short, Daryl & John above rock, guns rule. You can have my gun, but you will have to kill me first!

  8. james Says:

    Again – comparing states is a waste of time. The #1 problem with Americans is that they cant’ fathom to look outside their borders for solutions. So many other countries in the world have it right. Comparing nations is better because they have arrived at equilibrium with their laws, as most of them are regulated nationally. The borders between states are a) too porous and b) there are just too many guns in the US to make any assessments.

  9. Brandon Baker Says:

    Its funny how all these right wingers say the same thing “people who buy guns legally don’t committ crimes” which is the biggest load of shit since the cigerette companies said smoking does kill you. Im not against guns at all and i do not want to infringe on anybody’s rights, but what about my rights in VA the state that I live the republican governor just passed a law that you can carry a ccw in a bar club or resturant as long as you dont drink.Firstly how will anybody know you have a gun if its concealed and if you have a gun who gonna walk up to you and ask for your permitt. I for one would like to enjoy my dinner without worry about a tea bagger with revenge issuses.I propose a provision in the bill that states that any establishment that alows ccw on its premisses put signage on the front door stating so,then watch the business plumed. there is also a law that says you dont need a back ground check if you buy a gun at a va gun show “so listen up all you lunitics come one come all come get ya guns” We just heard about one of these right wingers flying his plane into a building so now lets just give em all guns and a license to kill, yeah this isn’t a bad idea

    • Peter Says:

      First you are a liar saying you are for guns rights if you use the term tea-bagger which is a distinctly homosexual reference designed to insult “right-wing conservatives”. And the gunshow loophole exists in most states. It is a matter of privacy and it is no problem to find guns even if you are not legally allowed to own one. Gun laws only restrict law abiding citizens, what is so hard to understand about that? Put down your bong and try thinking it through…

  10. Loren Zimmerman Says:

    Brandon: I guess I a fall into your category of a right winger and/or “teabagger” as you so childishly put it. I have over 30 years of law enforcement experience and I have arrested thousands of gun toting criminals. Never once have I arrestged a gun toting CCW licensed person who was involved in a gun related incident. It is always the criminal who does the shooting, threatening, and use of a firearm to comitt robbery. Law abiding citizens just don’t shoot other people as do criminals. Jump off your bandwagon, take a real good look at what you said, and you too will see you didn’t make much sense. All you espouse is rehashed rhetoric (babble).

  11. Rob George Says:

    We have a saying and a song, especially for all you gun grabbers who don’t believe in the second amendment….

    Ray Wylie Hubbard—–“Screw you we’re from Texas”

  12. Frank Edwards Says:

    Citizens of the United States simply have a right to own guns and to have them for self defense. There is a consistent pattern of lower crime rates when citizens right to do so is in effect.

    The United States is not a homogeneous nation and uniquely it is has a very diverse population.

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