Let me win!

There is always curiosity about people who win big lotteries. How do they spend the money? Are their lives better for the win? Who hasn’t spent time fantasizing how they would use the money from a big win?

We also have a fascination about the train wrecks Those who win big and end up fighting law suits with relatives or ending up broke after a few years of indiscriminate spending.

Those people certainly exist but apparently they are preordained to crash.

Academics who study lottery winners say their stories tend to recall the opening lines of Anna Karenina, that happy families are all alike, but each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. Happy winners buy cars and take holidays, remodel their homes, retire early, give to loved ones and charity, invest and save. But for unhappy winners, or those with certain sinister tendencies, the jackpot blessing becomes a curse for uniquely sordid reasons.

I think I could handle the pressure. All I need is that big win!



One Response to “Let me win!”

  1. Jordan Says:

    Winning amount gives u 3 times more happiness then the money u earn. And the winner of such money usually waste. And good luck if u ever won, chances are very good if u have a gal frnd or wife.

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