All the news that may be the news

When I read this article, I was intrigued not so much by the story, which is interesting in itself, but by what it says about reporting in the mainstream media.

Anyone who has been closely involved in an issue that gets written up in a newspaper, or reported on TV or radio often finds that the reported story doesn’t always factually relate what really happened.

Sometimes it is because of time constraints that are usually found on TV and radio news reports or space constraints in the printed media. Sometimes it is just a reporter in a hurry to post a story to meet a deadline and hasn’t the time or the interest in digging out the facts. It this particular case it seems to have been the latter along with the tendency not to let the facts get in the way of a good story.

This article is probably at the extreme end of the spectrum as there was no story if the victim died of natural causes (which wouldn’t be determined until some time later) while walking his dog. But there was a big story if a Rottweiler attacked and killed his owner while being taken for a walk.

The lesson to be learned here that you always need apply some healthy skepticism to anything that you see, hear or read in the media.


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