Canadian is racist!

To our horror, we have just discovered that the word “Canadian” is apparently a racial slur against blacks.

Stefan Dollinger, editor-in-chief of Dictionary of Canadianisms on Historical Principles, says the term has its roots in the word “Canuck.”

While Canuck is a term of endearment that Canadians now use, Dollinger says it was once used by racist southern Americans to insult French Canadians with dark skins.

“In the U.S. some people still use Canuck as a slur,” said Dollinger.

Now that’s a bummer. Does that mean that when I travel in the Southern US I can’t tell people that I am Canadian?

Do they sell Molson Canadian in the deep South? If they do, will it be taken off the shelves?

Would the Vancouver Canucks get chased off the ice in Atlanta?

These are all serious questions.

I think the country needs a name change. How about the United Provinces of America?


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