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Canadian is racist!

January 30, 2008

To our horror, we have just discovered that the word “Canadian” is apparently a racial slur against blacks.

Stefan Dollinger, editor-in-chief of Dictionary of Canadianisms on Historical Principles, says the term has its roots in the word “Canuck.”

While Canuck is a term of endearment that Canadians now use, Dollinger says it was once used by racist southern Americans to insult French Canadians with dark skins.

“In the U.S. some people still use Canuck as a slur,” said Dollinger.

Now that’s a bummer. Does that mean that when I travel in the Southern US I can’t tell people that I am Canadian?

Do they sell Molson Canadian in the deep South? If they do, will it be taken off the shelves?

Would the Vancouver Canucks get chased off the ice in Atlanta?

These are all serious questions.

I think the country needs a name change. How about the United Provinces of America?


Toronto the Tedious

January 30, 2008

I am really getting tired of the crap that continues to come out of Toronto regarding their crime problems.

Now we have the Toronto police chief blathering on about a national handgun ban. This new assault comes in the wake of the police solving a 2 year old crime, with the gun being used apparently implicated in some additional shootings.

The gun used to shoot and blind a TTC bus driver two years ago has been shuffled between criminals, Toronto police said yesterday, and is implicated in four other crimes, including the 2003 murder of youth worker Kempton Howard.

Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair said:

While officers are still investigating how the gun, once legally owned in Canada, changed hands by possibly being rented or sold to fellow thugs, police Chief Bill Blair said this chain of violent crimes is a testament to the dangers of permitting access to such weapons.

“This is evidence of the destructive power of even a single firearm in the hands of criminals,” he said. “It reinforces my belief that we must do everything in our power to limit access to handguns throughout our city, throughout our society. And we must do everything to ensure those firearms do not come illegally into this country or are diverted illegally … into the hands of criminals.”

As the Chief surely knows, access to handguns is severely limited throughout Canada. It’s just that his criminals haven’t received the message.

Chief Blair’s definitely has a problem. But at least he should be able to recognize that he wants someone else to try and solve his Toronto problem. Actually he wants the rest of the country to try and solve what is actually a localized Toronto problem

If Chief Blair doesn’t know how to solve his fricking problem he should at least have the honesty to come out and say,”I don’t know how to solve this fricking problem!”

Hopefully the federal government will hold its ground and not be pressured into doing something that would not only be useless but in fact stupid.

The cry coming out of Toronto (and Ottawa when the Liberals still held the reins of power) used to be that we should ban all semi-auto handguns (actually I think that it morphed into banning semi-auto firearms in general) and now it has changed to banning all handguns.

So what happens when Chief Blair gets his wish and all handguns are banned in Canada (make that all handguns held by legitimate, honest citizens) and the carnage in his fair city continues: and it will. What will he call for next?

Frankly, I think that Chief Blair has watched too many episodes of the TV show, Dead Man’s Gun.

I miss Fred

January 30, 2008

Although it was inevitable, I was saddened to see Fred Thompson remove himself from the race. I liked a lot of his ideas and he seemed to truly be a conservative candidate. While the rest of the pack were mouthing platitudes Fred actually had policies and positions. So in a belated show of support – as much as a conservative Canadian could give – I went on his Fred08 website and bought some campaign goods. Maybe I’ll wear my Fred08 hat while traveling in the US this spring.

Now it looks as though Giuliani is on his way out as well. His speech after the Florida primaries certainly sounded like the prelude to a withdrawal. I have not been a big Giuliani fan but the quality of that speech impressed me.

A novel British idea: Let’s ban knives

January 30, 2008

I am not entirely sure whether Britain has the majority of the world’s supply of idiots (most of them apparently in government) or whether they just get better press than the rest of the world. God knows we see some supremely stupid things proposed in Canada and the USA, but Britain just seems to keep coming up with winners.

Now they are back on to the knife banning plan.

Police in the UK’s worst knife crime hotspots will be told to prosecute anyone caught with a blade, Prime Minister Gordon Brown has said.

Mr Brown told The Sun that carrying knives or guns was “completely unacceptable” and that officers should stop giving offenders cautions.

Then the voice of reason – almost.

However, Camilla Batmanghelidjh, founder of the charity Kids Company, warned that the proposals would not address the underlying causes of knife crime – gang culture and the drug trade.

Unfortunately the voice of reason didn’t last for long.

She added: “I think it’s a good idea, but it won’t solve the problem.

If it won’t solve the bloody problem, why is it still a good idea?

And will you be in danger of being thrown into a cell if you are caught carrying a Swiss army knife? Let’s have some clarity here.

The Prime Minister then expanded on his idea.

Mr Brown added that he wanted to use teenagers as “test purchasers” to snare retailers illegally selling blades, and that he was considering outlawing the most lethal weapons.

He also said he was concerned about violent computer games featuring knives.

“No-one wants censorship or an interfering state,” he said.

“But the industry has some responsibility to society and needs to exercise that.”

What is the “most lethal” knife. A sharp one? A sharp pointy one? No doubt the “most lethal” knives will be those that look the “most lethal” to some bureaucrat. Sort of like the way the Canadian Liberal government decided what firearms should be classed as “prohibited”.

And the Prime Minister surely must have a sense of humour as I’m sure that he couldn’t have said “no one wants censorship or an interfering state” and kept a straight face. In Britain? What a silly thought.