Ontario Premier McGuinty confirms his handgun ban position

My prediction that McGuinty would leap on the handgun ban parade was pretty much a no-brainer. OK – it wasn’t really a prediction, just a statement of the inevitable.

Echoing Mayor David Miller, the premier implored Prime Minister Stephen Harper to prohibit the private ownership of handguns.

“We have a shared responsibility, both Mayor Miller, myself and Prime Minister Harper and Canadians generally, to ask ourselves what more we might do to reduce the incidence of gun violence on our streets,” McGuinty said yesterday at Union Station.

“There’s something that’s pretty simple and straightforward that we can and should do together. I think we should ban handguns. I think we have an opportunity now to distinguish ourselves from our American cousins, to establish a different kind of gun culture here north of the border,” he said.

We know, we know.


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