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Keep Off The Road Day

January 9, 2008


Got up this AM to find a significant drop of snow on the ground. While I was shoveling off the driveway cars started spinning out of control coming down the hill. The road shortly became a sheet of ice. We ended up with a firetruck and its crew arriving to block off the traffic coming from the top. Why a fire truck? I have no idea. But then two ambulances, emergency lights blinking, showed up as well. Apparently when someone called the fire hall it was reported that there were cars in the ditch so the ambulances were alerted as well and came along to minister to the survivors. But other than some minor fender benders and vehicles embedded in the ditch there were no injuries to tend to. Then a couple of RCMP officers showed up and finally a TV crew to film for the noon news show. At one time we had about a dozen cars, not counting fire trucks, ambulances and TV vans, stranded on the road out front of our house. The one thing we didn’t have was a snowplow and a sanding truck. That arrived some 3 hours later and most of the cars went on their way. Some time later a tow truck showed up and liberated the ditch bound vehicles. It was a good day to be staying home.