Quebec and protecting the public

I have been thinking about how hypocritical the letter to handgun owners from the Quebec CFO (last post) is.

The first paragraph says:

Following the events that took place at Dawson College in September of 2006, the public authorities began to take steps designed in respect of these developments, to protect the safety of the residents of Quebec. New initiatives have been put into place to help prevent these acts of violence which have created suffering and concern that has affected all of us. Under these circumstances following the announcement of the Minister of Public Safety, on June 15, 2007 this letter is being sent to bring to your attention concerns about the purpose for possession of restricted firearm(s) and/or prohibited handgun(s) within the framework of the Firearms Act.

I wonder how the safety of the public is enhanced by this “new initiative”.

The deranged killer at Dawson College owned his firearms legally and reportedly attended a shooting range which would mean that he would have been in compliance anyway. Although it was noted in one article that he was in violation of the law by not having a transport permit to take his guns to the college. Right. He was also in violation of the law by murdering a person and wounding a number of others.

But then it is always easy for the authorities to put into effect laws and regulations that leave the perception that they are doing something useful even when there is no sense to it at all.


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