Common sense prevails in Colorado cougar shooting

Common sense prevailed in the case of the Colorado man who shot a cougar that was attacking his dog. There will be no charges laid.

The Colorado Division of Wildlife will not file charges against a man who shot and killed a mountain lion that he said was attacking his puppy early Oct. 5, spokeswoman Jennifer Churchill said Thursday.

Officials found that Jeremy Kocar, 31, “acted to prevent injury to human life,” Churchill said.

The Wildlife branch appears to have avoided some further negative publicity by ignoring the attack on the dog and focusing on the danger to family.

Common sense didn’t extend to all interested parties.

Advocates with the Boulder-based Sinapu Carnivore Protection Program said Kocar should face criminal charges in the incident for “baiting” the lion by leaving the dog tied up outside overnight.

When you read crap like this you more fully understand the philosophy of “shoot, shovel and shut up”.


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