“You sneeze, you’re dead man.” Could you do this in Canada?

An interesting news clip out of Texas. I’m afraid that if you held a shotgun on burglars in Canada you might end up with your guns confiscated and facing charges. The burglars would probably get trauma counselling.

Thanks to Instapundit for this pointer. As if Glenn needs traffic from me.


One Response to ““You sneeze, you’re dead man.” Could you do this in Canada?”

  1. "gunner" Says:

    consider this an invitation to move to vermont, it’s a whole different world down here. quoting heinlein, “an armed society is a polite society”, we’ve gotten along without “gun control” since a state supreme court decision in 1903 which overturned a rutland city ordinance requiring a “permit to carry a pistol” citing article 16 of the vermont constitution. a later state law pre-empted the field of “firearms law” to the state. while some folks claim that “no gun control” leads to “the wild west” and “dodge city shootouts in the streets” we seem to get along just fine, in a civilised, armed and peaceful society where most folks mind their own business and keep the peace, and those who don’t are, for the most part, handled by the law without resort to small arms.

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