Salmon Arm Roots and Blues Festival

I just spent the weekend at the 15th annual Salmon Arm Roots and Blues Festival. This is my 5th consecutive year attending and I only regret that I didn’t start going there earlier.

It was another good year and the crowd on Saturday seemed bigger to me than any of the previous years that I have attended. Sunday was much lighter with it being cool and rainy – the first time they have had rain on the weekend since I started attending. Regardless, it was a great venue again.

It amazes me to see the talent that is displayed every year. Musicians and singers that most people have never heard of, but who are so talented and skilled at what they do. 

I was sitting there listening to a workshop the first thing on Sunday morning and was struck by how much they enjoyed doing, what is to them, their ‘job’. I had the distinct feeling that I had wasted my life. While I was training and working in the corporate world they were learning how to create beauty. It seems to me that there are those who are capable of creating this beauty and the rest of us are merely an audience.


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