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Federal Liberals: gun banners to the end

June 21, 2007

One thing that you have to give the federal Liberals credit for is that they’re consistent.

They showed their anti-gun stance back when they rammed Bill C-68 down our throats and they have maintained their status as Canada’s premier anti-gun party ever since.

The NDP have flipped around a bit. Under the leadership of Audrey McLaughlin from the Yukon the party actually leaned more towards being friendly towards gun owners, but that changed after she stepped down from the leadership position. Now under the leadership of Toronto Jack Layton you can hardly tell the NDP from the Liberals.

Well, except for the fact that the Liberals like to stand on their podium and loudly declare their commitment to ban firearms. Witness their official website where they attack the Conservative government because they are not falling in line with the Quebec and Ontario provincial governments’ call for wholesale bans on handguns and/or semi-auto firearms (whichever, depending on the day and the mood). Oh yeah, and the government wants to dismantle the Liberal’s sacred (but demonstrably useless) registration system for long-guns. 

In the process of being officially appalled they invoke the NRA bogeyman and give the reader a direct link to the Coalition for Gun Control to back up their position. That really gives you an insight into whom the Liberals are bedded down with.

As I have noted before, when it comes to a general election, there are gun owners who will still mark their ballot for a Liberal candidate or they will place their vote for the NDP which is just about as bad as in a minority government they can end up as the legislative deal maker.

It would be heady stuff if Canadian firearm owners could  became a cohesive voting group. And by that I don’t mean just the serious shooters, but the farmers and the ranchers and the plinkers as well. Unfortunately most of them won’t know what is happening until the damage is done. It was like that with Bill C-68 and it will be no different at the next stage of gun control legislation.