A call for a public inquiry into the RCMP

A column in the Ottawa Sun asks why the federal government hasn’t called for a public inquiry into RCMP misdeeds.

What will it take for the Conservative government to order a public inquiry into the RCMP?

Apparently, it wasn’t enough that senior Mounties were caught with their fingers in the pension pot, or that the brass approved secret bank accounts stashed with cash from the sponsorship scandal — money used for scandalous expenditures.

One might have thought the trail of RCMP negligence and lies in the Maher Arar affair would have led directly to a public probe of rot and incompetence.

Instead, the first reaction of Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day was to give a big cheer to then-commissioner Guiliano Zaccardelli for doing such a great job, aside from having presided over the worst sullying of the famous red tunic in more than 30 years.

And now this: RCMP officers have been getting a slap on the wrist for sexual assaults, firearms offences, drunk driving, beating up prisoners, fraud, lying and obstruction of justice.

Documents obtained under the Access to Information Act show that of 114 Mounties found guilty of misconduct since 2005, only nine were ordered to resign.

The rest all rode off into the sunset with a reprimand and maybe few days of missing pay.

It’s a good question and the column is worth a read.


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