Hero won’t be charged

A citizen in New Hampshire who put himself at risk to protect a police officer who had been shot won’t be charged according to this story.

New Hampshire authorities said yesterday that they will not press charges against a former Marine who stepped into a deadly shooting and killed a 24-year-old high school dropout who had moments earlier fatally shot a police officer.

The former Marine, Gregory W. Floyd, 49, was driving with his son along Route 116 in Franconia on Friday night when he saw Liko Kenney, 24, shoot Franconia Police Corporal Bruce McKay, 48, four times in the torso. After Kenney drove his Toyota Celica over McKay as the officer lay on the ground, Floyd grabbed the officer’s service weapon and shot and killed Kenney.

Now maybe that is just the reporters take on this story, but it seems to me that they should be hailing this guy as a major hero. “Will not press charges”? I would hope that thought never entered anyone’s mind.

Obviously it did, although maybe I’m just being picky:

New Hampshire’s attorney general, Kelly A. Ayotte, said Floyd will not face charges because he was justified in using deadly force.

“Based on the results of the investigation, our conclusion is that Gregory Floyd’s actions were justified based upon dangerous circumstances confronted with and efforts to assist McKay,” Ayotte said at a news conference in Concord.

Regardless, they don’t sound too enthusiastic.

Mark Steyn has a comment on this as well.

Thanks to Instapundit for this pointer.


15 Responses to “Hero won’t be charged”

  1. mike Says:

    Vigilantte’s should be jailed!!!
    The family of Liko Kenney should sue the pants off both Gregorys Floyd. The Floyds were passers-by. They had no authority to take the law into their own hands. They were in no imminent danger. The shooting was over and suspects were fleeing.

    I hope the Floyds spend time in jail for murder, or at least loose their homes and fortunes for their wanton actions.

  2. ted jones Says:

    mike must have reason to disagree.good for Floyed and citizens have the power to contain criminals.this guy was bad from the beginning.

  3. martin Says:

    mike is right it was vigilantism and he was leaving the scene the situation was over. It should have been left to the authorities to handle

  4. James Says:

    Yeh, OK. He was leaving the scene as he drove over the wounded officer with his car! The Officer’s family should be suing the suspect’s family for raising a child who was nothing but a worthless criminal! This bystander sees the suspect shoot the officer 4 times, stops to help the officer, confronts the shooter and your saying he should be sued for it? What planet do you live on? Floyd and his son should be given a medal!

  5. Debby Says:


    How can you say that Liko was a worthless criminal. If you are going to down someone know what you are saying. McKay was a nasty man known far beyond his jurisdiction as being a nasty mean-spirited cop by most. He singled out the young and harassed them…he was a bully cop and his department knew it. He was told to keep away from Liko, stop harassing him. Liko was a 19 yr. old when McKay started harassing him. Liko wasn’t perfect but, hello, what about the mental health of our police officers!!!! He just pistol whipped his girlfriend last week and his ex had to take a restraining order out on him when they divorced.

    You should check out the number of lawsuits currently and previously against this officer. The problems Liko had with the law pertained to McKay. He was a 19 yr. old when it started and McKay beat him up while in custody, breaking his jaw. Charges were pressed and dropped because no one saw it.

    The governor should be careful what cop he chooses to push his own agenda because this is no hero cop and that passer-by was not your typical motorist. Liko was not speeding and there are many witnesses in the coming weeks that you will hear about. He knew he was in for trouble when he got pulled over. He asked for another cop and when McKay refused he drove off in low speed trying to make it to the town line…McKay was trouble. Liko had issues, clearly as he exhibited by flipping and shooting the guy. The passer by was not threatened by him. Liko was trying to leave. Who is this former marine and he just stumbled upon the scene?????? Do you wonder why you haven’t heard the truth about how many bullets were shot at Liko by this man or what the “motorist” did to the passenger afterwards…..he was no ordinary passer-by

  6. totalrecoil Says:

    Interesting. I don’t see anything in any of the articles currently on-line that says he was in the process of leaving the area. As for having “flipped out”, he shot a police officer 4 times, apparently in the back. Then ran over him with his car. That seems to go beyond “flipping out” even if you have issues with the guy.
    Most of the articles speak to the fact that there were issues between the two, but I can’t find any confirmation of Debby’s assessment of McKay. Also a bit of paranoia about the civilian who intervened. Are we starting a new conspiracy theory here?
    I’ll watch for future reporting on this one.

  7. Debby Says:

    Let me see, you are saying that I have it wrong about the case? I was born in NH, my entire family still lives there. I am DIRECTLY connected to the family and the information from the townspeople of Franconia. I am not coming from the place of ignorance. I know what I am talking about. IF IT FEELS MORE COMFORTING TO YOU TO BELIEVE THE NEWSPAPER THEN FINE!!! I have family members that have barely been able to leave their homes due to this case. My intention is to educate, not argue! Take it or leave it. Are you an absolute idiot (sorry, i just have loved ones in agony over this!!!) to take the word over the media that has an agenda regarding the stance on police officer’s and putting into effect on the death penalty in NH or the the citizen’s? Anyone that lives in the region, connected or not connected knows the truth about this case. Small towns are notorious covering situations like this. Trust me it is far easier to do than in the city. Do you think they want it to come out that this was a rogue cop? Noooooo….but it will. I know for a fact he was told to leave the boy alone!!!

    What is up with our laws??? Liko is not the kind of person that should be able to purchase a gun, McKay is not the person to be able to have a badge and vigilantes cannot be protected because they came across the scene involving a police officer. Being a former marine does not give you special privilages.

    I assure you my assessment of McKay is first hand and can be found the same with numerous residents of Franconia, as well as townships beyond his jurisdiction, as he was notorious for his POOR BEHAVIOR, far more so than Liko’s.

  8. Debby Says:

    Of course you don’t see it on-line…….but the family is still in shock. Hell, the whole town is in shock!! You only know what you have heard through the media. Liko was shot at least 4 times!!! What about what the passer-by did to Liko’s passenger??? HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT IT…NO! Nobody knows even where Liko’s body is, not even his family. They did not even allow medical assistance to him to see if his life could be saved, only to the police officer. That’s justice.

    The cop has numerous lawsuits currently pending and ones from the past as well. He is a known wife beater, etc., etc. Oh yeah, if it was actually true then the Attorney General would have told you so…………..PLEASE……WAKE UP!!!!

  9. Debby Says:

    McKay has numerous lawsuits against him due to his improper treatment of people. If he were alive he would be in the courtroom tomorrow faced with a civilian lawsuit against him. He was mean and nasty. He is not a cop to be glorified. He was a bully cop.

  10. Joe Mama Says:

    Lil Debby needs to cut back on her caffine. Good riddance Liko Kenney.

  11. Debby Says:

    What a bright, intelligent person you are “Joe Mama” – do you keep reality pills in your house or just nose rings to be lead around by.

    The Union Leader has a LOVELY story about Floyd “The Hero”…he makes Liko Kenney look like a creme puff. I especially like his statement once made to a police officer that he “could take him right between the eyes”.

    Yup, that’s our hero. Gregory Floyd. Gotta love him. JOE MAMA, I am sure you would love to invite him over for dinner.

  12. Erich Says:

    Debby has some major issues with authority. She definitely needs some prozac or something. Go Gregory Floyd

  13. KingCast Says:

    PS: Floyd shot Liko’s car before Liko’s car ever hit McKay; Floyd’s own son at pdf file p. 745 and the bullet hole in Liko’s windshield prove that, and Floyd lied when he said he spoke to Liko when he was at Caleb’s window — he changed his story. I have the ENTIRE investigative files and the pictures.

    Take a look:


    My neighbeor a forty-something maybe 50 something woman and duly licensed attorney just stopped me as I was raking leaves, and said “Keep up the good work. I’ve dealt with that cop (just this spring no less) and he was scary.”

  14. KingCast Says:

    Gregory Floyd was a three (3) time felon who lied about overseas and Vietnam experience as noted in this post and document.



    And how about this one, noting his criminal history the public didn’t find out about until now:

    Also, he has been in possession of firearms REPEATEDLY since his convictions, which is a violation of 18 U.S.C. 922 (g)(1) but it is difficult to get more information on that:


    Meanwhile there are more complaints about Bruce McKay than meet the eye:


    The KingCast v. NH AG Ayotte Right-to-Know litigation
    will proceed.


    Meanwhile, a short film:


  15. Nothing is ever as simple as it first seems « Totalrecoil Says:

    […] is ever as simple as it first seems Back in May I commented briefly on the multiple shooting in Franconia, New Hampshire, where a 24 year old man by the name […]

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