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Hero won’t be charged

May 13, 2007

A citizen in New Hampshire who put himself at risk to protect a police officer who had been shot won’t be charged according to this story.

New Hampshire authorities said yesterday that they will not press charges against a former Marine who stepped into a deadly shooting and killed a 24-year-old high school dropout who had moments earlier fatally shot a police officer.

The former Marine, Gregory W. Floyd, 49, was driving with his son along Route 116 in Franconia on Friday night when he saw Liko Kenney, 24, shoot Franconia Police Corporal Bruce McKay, 48, four times in the torso. After Kenney drove his Toyota Celica over McKay as the officer lay on the ground, Floyd grabbed the officer’s service weapon and shot and killed Kenney.

Now maybe that is just the reporters take on this story, but it seems to me that they should be hailing this guy as a major hero. “Will not press charges”? I would hope that thought never entered anyone’s mind.

Obviously it did, although maybe I’m just being picky:

New Hampshire’s attorney general, Kelly A. Ayotte, said Floyd will not face charges because he was justified in using deadly force.

“Based on the results of the investigation, our conclusion is that Gregory Floyd’s actions were justified based upon dangerous circumstances confronted with and efforts to assist McKay,” Ayotte said at a news conference in Concord.

Regardless, they don’t sound too enthusiastic.

Mark Steyn has a comment on this as well.

Thanks to Instapundit for this pointer.