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Gun Control Quebec Style

May 11, 2007

Quebec Premier, John Charest, isn’t relying on logic and reason to pass his new gun laws. Typical of a politician trying to put a spin on legislation that is supposed to “solve” a perceived problem and pandering to the emotions aroused over the Dawson College shooting, Charest is calling his new legislation the “Anastasia Act“, after the student that was killed at there.

The parents and sister of Anastasia De Sousa, the Dawson College student who was murdered in last September’s campus shooting, were in the National Assembly yesterday when Premier Jean Charest read his Inaugural Address, opening the 38th Quebec legislature.

Calling the day of the shooting “the most sombre” in his time as premier, Charest reiterated his government’s commitment to introduce a bill that would limit the transport of restricted weapons, such as semi-automatics and handguns.

And he said his government would call the bill the “Anastasia Act,” in memory of De Sousa.

Shades of Allan Rock.

Quite frankly, Charest is beginning to give me the creeps. It’s hard to believe that he was once a Conservative.