Alternate plan to arming Canada Customs

A very funny article on Law and Order’s website.

The $800 million plan to train and arm Canadian border officers is projected to take ten years, leaving some customs officers without protection against threats for as long as a decade.

While they wait, Blue Line Magazine has learned that the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) is reviving an innovative ‘passive defence’ plan called “Retreat Underground until Neutralized” (RUN), originally developed under the previous Liberal government as an alternative to arming officers.

An Underground Strongroom Annex (USA) will be constructed under inspection booths, allowing officers to literally drop and take cover when they feel threatened at vehicular border crossings. The USAs will have armoured lids which close and lock automatically after an officer enters. They will be equipped with phone lines (to call police or US Customs and Border Protection for help), first aid kits and paper bags (to reduce the effects of hyper-ventilation).

And it goes on.

Upon activating the USA escape chute, a magnetized tracking device will be immediately ejected under the suspect car. This device will permit responding police officers to zone in on the vehicle’s location, but also has a second function. Once the device is a kilometre away from the border, the armoured door to the USA will automatically open and officers will be expected to return to their posts – and their primary task – collecting revenue.

Read the whole article.


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