The politician as a hunter

I am always amused (and I suppose still somewhat amazed) at the mindset of politicians when they are out on the campaign trail. US presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney says that he has always been a hunter. but after being outed, Romney’s response and his campaign spokesman’s differed slightly.

In Keene, N.H., on Tuesday, Romney had said: “I purchased a gun when I was a young man. I’ve been a hunter pretty much all my life.” The next day, the campaign said Romney hunted rabbits in Idaho with cousins as a teenager and shot quail with GOP donors at a game preserve in Georgia in 2006.

Campaign spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom said Wednesday that Romney wasn’t trying to mislead anyone, and he promoted Romney’s support of gun-ownership rights.

Support of gun-ownership rights?

Romney has also supported gun control. When he ran unsuccessfully for the Senate in 1994 he backed the Brady law and a ban on assault-style rifles. As governor, he supported the state’s strict gun-control laws and signed into law one of the nation’s tougher assault weapons laws.

He joined the National Rifle Association last August as a “Lifetime” member.

Now there’s a record that will get him a pile of 2nd amendment supporter votes.


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