Government inquiry called into RCMP headquarters problems

Several days ago, Public Safety Minister, Stockwell Day, announced that there would be an inquiry into allegation of RCMP misconduct regarding the Force’s pension plan and related cover-ups.

Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day has announced a public inquiry to probe allegations of obstruction and cover-ups involving the RCMP’s pension and investment funds.

An as-yet unnamed investigator will present a full public report to Mr. Day and Vic Toews, the president of the Treasury Board, within eight to 12 weeks, Mr. Day said.

But while RCMP Commissioner Bev Busson publicly supported the inquiry on Thursday afternoon, the Liberals slammed the plan, calling for Mr. Day to stand aside and demanding a full judicial review.

Serving and retired officers made allegations to the Commons public accounts committee on Wednesday that senior Mounties tried to block probes into management of the RCMP’s pension and insurance plans.

Field officers have been making complaints for some time that there has been misconduct in the handling of their pension funds and that those complaints have been ignored  and dismissed.

A House of Commons committee will consider a motion today to force ex-RCMP commissioner Giuliano Zaccardelli and other former senior and current RCMP officers to testify after some of their colleagues alleged fraud yesterday in the management of their pension plans.

The explosive allegations came at a public accounts committee meeting hearing testimony into claims that millions of dollars in inappropriate charges were made to the force’s pension and insurance plans.

“The RCMP has had a small group of managers who through their actions and inactions are responsible for serious breaches in our core values, the RCMP code of conduct and even the Criminal Code,” Chief Superintendent Fraser Macaulay told the committee members yesterday.

And more fallout:

The RCMP suspended deputy commissioner Barbara George yesterday as the crisis over an alleged cover-up of the force’s pension-fund scandal continued to grow.

A 29-year RCMP veteran, Ms. George is facing allegations that she misled a parliamentary committee about her role in the 2005 ouster of an officer from a criminal probe into the mismanagement.

Ms. George, who headed up human resources at the RCMP until this week, will receive her salary as she awaits the results of the internal review.

“Deputy commissioner George has been suspended pending the conclusion of a code-of-conduct investigation,” RCMP spokeswoman Sylvie Tremblay said.

And a call to reform the Force. 

There is certainly more legs to this story.


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  1. thenonconformer Says:

    RCMP itself is the main problen

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