Madeleine Peyroux

Last fall we went across the border to Spokane for a weekend. I was wandering around a Barnes & Noble looking for book bargains and in the background there was this singer playing on the sound system. At first I didn’t pay much attention – just background music – but eventually it started to sink into my consciousness and I started to pay attention.

That led me to the CD section of the store where I asked, and found, that the singer was named Madeleine Peyroux. I am probably late coming to the party, but I had never heard her before. Possibly the fault of listening to too much talk radio.

Before I left the store, I had two of her CDs: Careless Love and Half a Perfect Life. The best musical purchase I have made for a long time.

The saleman in the store told me that people said she reminded them of Billie Holiday, which I doubted. But on listening to both CDs she definitely has intonations that remind me of Ms. Holiday, although not as raw and gutsy.

A definite bonus is the excellent musicians that she has backing her up with some exceptional solos.

Two beautiful albums by a very talented singer.


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