Ontario politician wants to ban handgun ammo

Now we have another dumbass provincial politician, this time an Ontario MPP from Scarborough (you had to know it would come from a Toronto politician) who has put forward a private members bill to ban handgun ammunition.

In his media release, this bright light says:

“You can’t fire a handgun without a bullet.  Today, if police come across a criminal or gang member in possession of handgun ammunition
(having already dumped the handgun) there is nothing they can do but let him go.  They can’t even confiscate the ammunition knowing that
it may well be used in a shooting any time in the future.  That’s simply not right and needs to be addressed.”

The release also notes that this harebrained idea has the support of the Toronto Police Chief, Bill Blair.

Of course this twit has no idea that most ammunition used in a handgun has a counterpart rifle that shoots the same stuff. Not that it’s anything new. In the 1800s they were chambering the 44-40 and the 45 Colt for both rifles and handguns. In more modern times we have made handguns chambered to shoot rifle ammunition. And of course the ubiquitous .22 rimfire.

I can only wait for their definition of “handgun ammunition”.

This is right up there with banning pointy knives.

Isn’t it about time that we started to give intelligence tests to political candidates?

More info at the Canadian Shooting Sport Association website.

News story at Canada.com .


One Response to “Ontario politician wants to ban handgun ammo”

  1. bluntobject Says:

    Am I now to believe that .25 ACP is more lethal than .44 Magnum, as there exist longarms chambered for the latter?

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