Barred from US travel?

I am a strong supporter of firearms ownership and a strong opponent of most of Canada’s gun laws, but this guy gets little sympathy from me.

In an ironic twist, a city man may find himself barred from travelling to the U.S. for driving around Calgary with a loaded handgun, his lawyer said yesterday.

Defence counsel Andre Ouellette said Ali Mohamed Ayyazi’s conviction on two firearms offences could prevent him visiting his parents, who now reside in Texas, which has more liberal gun laws than Canada. 

 Then the story unfolds a little further.

Crown prosecutor Robert Bassett said Ayyazi was arrested last July 5, during a “high risk” traffic stop by police Canine Unit members.

Officers pulled Ayyazi over on Deerfoot Tr. N.E., after he’d left the residence of his wife, Essence Hohn, Bassett said.

“The accused was arrested and a loaded, cocked, 9 mm handgun was located underneath the seat in the vehicle,” Bassett told Erb.

The prosecutor stayed seven other charges after Hohn failed to show up in court after being subpoenaed to testify.

Among the dropped charges were breaking into Hohn’s Huntley Cl. N.E. residence, pointing a firearm at her and using a gun in the commission of an offence.

The latter charge carries a minimum one-year sentence, consecutive to any other term given. Three unrelated assault charges were dismissed last Oct. 31, when Hohn didn’t appear to testify.

This jerk gets no sympathy from me.


2 Responses to “Barred from US travel?”

  1. Kami Ayyazi Says:

    Your an ignorant cunt and your mother should have aborted you.

  2. Kami Ayyazi Says:

    Before you write things such as jerk and idiot why don’t you get the COMPLETE story from both parties. With the sudden uprise of home invasions going on in Canada I think people should be allowed firearms to protect themselves.

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