Stupidity from Britain

I thought that I needed to start a category called ‘stupidity’ as there seems to be so much of it going around.  Here’s a wonderful example.

As a keen hiker, Brian Seaton was delighted to receive a Swiss Army Knife as a retirement gift from his colleagues in the force.

But the former chief inspector ended up back in the arms of the law after he tried to take it on a walking holiday in Spain.

His one-time comrades in the Leicestershire force questioned him and he was taken to court charged with possessing a knife in public without good reason.

When I read that lead-in to the article I thought that maybe the police had caught him in some inappropriate place with a knife and maybe there was some rational reason for the charge. But I thought, ” a Swiss knife?”

Then I read the rest of the article and found that the whole thing was simply bizarre.

His ordeal began as he boarded a flight to Majorca at East Midlands airport last June.

Security staff, who were on heightened alert for potential trouble-makers heading to the World Cup, found the three-inch knife in Mr Seaton’s hand luggage, Leicester Magistrates’ Court heard.

It was inside his washbag, which he had transferred to his carry-on bag after check-in staff told him his suitcase was too heavy.

He had forgotten the knife was there but it was spotted in an X-ray scan during a security check.

Mr Seaton immediately handed it over and assumed the matter was closed. But when he tried to reclaim it at Loughborough police station on his return from Spain, he found that his troubles were just beginning.

He was told officers wanted to interview him, and he agreed to be questioned but refused a formal caution.

A file was passed on to the Crown Prosecution Service, which decided there was enough evidence to prosecute Mr Seaton. The father of two said: ‘When I found out what was happening I couldn’t believe it.’

Now it was stupid enough that the police decided to deal with this as a criminal matter, but then the crown prosecutor compounded the stupidity by deciding to prosecute!

The judge eventually found in the ex-commisioner’s favour, but only after 9 months of litigation and possibly  as high as 10,000 pounds in costs to the taxpayers.

But to add insult to injury (and an indication as to how screwy Britain has become), the judge’s decision to clear the guy was based on the fact that he was going hiking and needed the knife to open cans, etc. Come to think of it, if the judge had any common sense he would have thrown the case out the window on day one.


2 Responses to “Stupidity from Britain”

  1. Marianne Says:

    Please, keep up the good work. You ae a ray of sunshine!

  2. A novel British idea: Let’s ban knives « Totalrecoil Says:

    […] will you be in danger of being thrown into a cell if you are caught carrying a Swiss army knife? Let’s have some clarity […]

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