A drug raid goes wrong (part 3)

Some are now questioning the ERT raid in Quebec that saw one police officer killed and another wounded as well as the wounding of a resident in the house.

A police source said Tessier, a 17-year veteran of the Laval force, was trained in how to execute these procedures and had participated in numerous raids over the years despite being promoted to the squad only recently.

But his killing in Brossard is likely to call into question whether there is a better way to conduct these types of raids, dubbed “dynamic entrances” by police.

The manoeuvre involves knocking down a door. It’s often employed when trying to take people by surprise in a drug den, says a former police officer who doesn’t think the Brossard raid was conducted in a safe manner.

“You never use (dynamic entrance) anywhere else. Yes, the SWAT team may knock down a door, but it’s after you’ve negotiated and the guy won’t come out,” the former detective said.

There are alternatives to knocking down a door, he said. One is to wait for a suspect to emerge from the home and arrest him outdoors. Another involves surrounding the house, phoning the suspect and simply getting him to come out.

“Why the hell did they need to take the door down? Especially with his wife and kids in the house,” the ex-cop said.

Good question, but I love the term “dynamic entrance”. It sounds so much better than “kicking the damned door down”.


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