Damn little budget money in B.C. for wildlife

Spent this past Tuesday in the provincial government budget lock-up in Victoria. I was mostly looking at what was being planned and budgeted in the Ministry of Environment and particularly the Wildlife Branch.

Nothing too exciting. The overall Ministry budget increased by about 9.7%, but the Environmental Stewardship branch, which houses the Wildlife section only increased by 7.7 % while specifically the Wildlife section eked out a budget increase of a mere 1.1%.

Although there was lip service within the budget documents about the value of our wildlife and fisheries resources and a statement that their intent was to increase the number of hunters and anglers by 2014 and that they were going to revise the Wildlife Act, there was no money allocated specifically for wildlife inventory work, nor would I think within that enormous 1.1% budget increase for the Wildlife section any money for staff to spend the time re-writing legislation. Once again the Wildlife section gets in the ear.

On top of that, the Compliance section (read Conservation Officer Service) only got a 1.5% increase.

Just curious as to how they intend to allocate the wildlife resource to all of these new hunters and anglers that they intend to put into the system without doing inventory work to find out just what’s out there.

Politics is a wonderful game. You don’t have to really do anything. You just have to sound like you might do something.


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