Federal Liberals withdraw one resolution but other stands.

The Federal Liberals have withdrawn Resolution #42 passed at their Leadership convention in early December, admitting that the resolution was factually incorrect. The resolution read as follows:

WHEREAS automatic and semi-automatic weapons are illegal for hunting purposes; and

WHEREAS automatic and semi-automatic weapons do not support the hunting culture found in all parts of Canada;

BE IT RESOLVED that the Liberal Party of Canada urge the Government of Canada to support legislation to eliminate the personal use of automatic and semi-automatic weapons.

National Women’s Liberal Commission
Liberal Party of Nova Scotia

Although this was pointed out to them prior to their convention, it wasn’t until pressure was applied by a number of shooting and outdoors organizations across Canada, along with the assistance of a couple of Liberal MPs, that the resolution was rescinded.

Although this was hailed as a victory, it ignored the fact that Resolution #47 was also passed at the convention, which said in part:

BE IT RESOLVED that the Liberal Party of Canada take the necessary steps:

1. to counter the efforts by the Conservative government to end or reduce the scope of the current gun registry that was enacted by parliament several years ago;

2. to review the classification of guns so that semi-automatic weapons be classified as an illegal weapons; and

3. to enact more severe laws to better control the possession and use of guns.

The  withdrawal of Resolution #42 means nothing as the intent of the Federal Liberals is still plain in #47.  They not only want a ban on self-loading firearms, they want to make the firearms laws even more stringent. You can’t be any plainer than that.

This is what it comes down to. If you think that by convincing the Liberal Party to rescind Resolution #42 we have scored any kind of a victory, you should give your head several severe shakes and get a firm grip on reality.



One Response to “Federal Liberals withdraw one resolution but other stands.”

  1. Dino Santarossa Says:

    Resolution #47. I am so pissed at the attitude of the liberal party that I have difficulty finding the words to express myself. This country that we live in and take pride in to call our own is being destroyed by urban politicians who have never been in the country let alone enjoyed the values of hunting that this country was founded on. There were no stores to go to and buy meat, you went out and got it. They want to do the same here as in Australia, no semi’s, no pump action. Why? Because they do not have the balls to enforce the criminal code on them who have proven themselves not worthy of the privilege to carry a gun. It is a shame that we as Canadians did not revolt with the Americans in 1776 and create a country that could control the destiny of instead of waiting for the table scraps that we were left by them who ruled us. The parliamentary system is nothing more that a dictatorship that was modeled after the monarchy system.

    I am sick and tired of having my “ability to choose” taken away from me by someone who has already exercised theirs.

    maybe they can give us another social program for the people that are to lazy to get off the couch and do something…………..like we need more of that

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