Hyping a new golf rivalry

This past weekend I was watching the golf tournament being played in Dubai and became rather annoyed with the attempt by the European Tour TV commentators to convince viewers of a new rivalry between Tiger Woods and Ernie Els.

Els made the fatal mistake, pre-tournament, to tell some interviewer that his game plan was to win majors and that coach Butch Harmon told him if that was his goal he needed to accept the fact he would have to go through Tiger.

Well, there’s a no-brainer. Anyone wanting to win a major has to figure that on day four he will probably be going head to head with Woods.

Anyway, the TV boys took this as meaning that Ernie was obsessed with beating Tiger at Dubai. Actually, Ernie’s goal was to win the Tournament at Dubai and it wasn’t Woods he was chasing, it was Henrik Stenson – who eventually won the event.

But the boys kept blathering on about how Els would be happy because he had beaten Woods. No, Els was busted because he couldn’t knock Stenson off.

Besides, the worst thing you can do is say that you want to take Tiger on. He seems to take those challenges personally and has made short order out of most who have publicly challenged him.


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