What was he thinking?

When you read of obviously stupid actions like this you can only wonder how the fellow rose to his current position.

Industry Canada’s top Yellowknife official, Michael Hurst, should be fired for sending an offensive e-mail to 31 people from work, Northwest Territories’ women’s groups say.

The Status of Women Council of N.W.T., the Native Women’s Association of the N.W.T. and the Yellowknife Women’s Centre have written to Industry Canada Minister Maxine Bernier calling for Hurst’s dismissal, pointing out that part of Hurst’s job involves working with aboriginal women.

“This is nothing but hate propaganda that’s allowed to pass using our taxpayers’ dollars,” Shirley Bonnetrouge said at a special sharing circle Wednesday held by the women’s association to deal with the e-mail.

The e-mail invited recipients to pick “Miss Northwest Territories” from four photos of naked or nearly naked women — three were young blonde models while the fourth was an unflattering shot of a much older aboriginal woman. 

Anyone who has used e-mail for more than 15 minutes has learned that you never send out anything that you wouldn’t say standing on a rooftop with a megaphone.

There is no shortage of offensive jokes that make their way through the internet, to say nothing of the ones that are simply in bad taste. Some of them are even funny, in a wince and laugh sort of way. But most of them are sent by people who really don’t care if they offend someone and even if they do, aren’t in positions where their actions reflect back on their job and their employer.

There obviously is the feeling that a person’s private actions are completely disconnected from their business and employment situation. It’s just not the case, as this federal government employee is finding out.


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