On the ‘no fly’ list

If, as Stockwell Day says, there is nothing on the Arar file that would tie him to any terrorists or terrorist activities, then why is the US government so adamant that it will not remove him from their ‘no fly’ list?

American Ambassador David Wilkins says Canada should butt out of a U.S. decision to ban Canadian Maher Arar from the country.


There is a good chance that it is simply the bureaucratic refusal to admit a mistake or possibly a tactic to avoid legal culpability. It could also be the enforcement mentality that says, “if we busted you in the first place you must be guilty even though we can’t prove it”. Or all of the above.


One thing is for sure, even though he has been awarded $10.5 M, along with an apology by the Canadian government, it will be a long time – if ever – before Mr. Arar crosses the border into the USA.


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