The Joys of Air Travel

Saturday I returned from a meeting in Vancouver and I can say categorically that I am beginning to increasingly find traveling by air a chore. If it ever was fun it sure as hell isn’t any more. And that’s flying with WestJet, which does make an effort.


I have reached the stage where I usually make it at point to check through my entire luggage as it just makes it so much simpler when you go through security. This trip, because it was for such a short duration I carried on all of my bags. The problem is you never know for sure what might get rejected, so you sort of offer up your possessions on faith. This trip a partial tube of shaving cream made in through the outgoing security screening but lost out to a more zealous screener going through Vancouver’s security when I was homeward bound.


What makes it truly annoying is that with the progression of terrorism, from the hijacking of planes to Cuba many years back up to today’s savage terrorism, you can’t fault the authorities for the measures they have taken to try and make flying as safe as possible.


However I did think, as I stood there in my stocking feet watching my shoes go through the x-ray machine, that it was the first time my shoes got past security before I did.


Back in the 1960s when I was traveling to handgun competitions things were much more relaxed. We used to build our shooting boxes sized so they would fit under our seats on the plane. There was no security screening and I have seen a traveler get on the plane with a rifle in a soft case and give it to the stewardess (no ‘flight attendants’ back then) to put in the cabin for the duration of the trip.


Simpler times that unfortunately are gone forever.


One Response to “The Joys of Air Travel”

  1. Cap Says:

    Too True, Too True…

    unfortunately we are masters of our own destiny and we as humans have made the world what it is today, I don’t blame the authorities, as you say we all need safe means of travel and they have to do everything possible to make that happen.
    I can’t get the picture of your shoes slowly riding the belt with you looking on 😉

    Also terrorism sucks abd achieves nothing…………………

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