Trump says wild land is “wasted”.

‘The Donald’, still in a media hyped verbal battle with Rosie, also has a fight on his hands in Scotland.

Donald Trump is threatening to abandon his planned golf development on the northeast Scottish coast as environmentalists object to the $2-billion (U.S.) project.

“I do have other alternatives,” Mr. Trump said. “They have a chance to have the greatest golf course anywhere in the world, because of the land, because of the ocean, because of everything, so it would be a shame to waste it.”

The 60-year-old billionaire wants to sculpt two golf courses from a 1,400-acre tract of sand dunes on the Menie Estate 16 kilometres north of Aberdeen and add a 450-room, five-star hotel, 950 holiday apartments and 36 golf villas.

Trump has the attitude of most developers and unfortunately that of too many bureaucrats and elected politicians. ‘It’s such a damned shame to waste all of that wild land because it would be so much more useful to have it cut up with roads and plugged up with million dollar houses.’ The wildlife can bloody well move somewhere else.

It is long past the time that our ‘leaders’ should have developed some vision. How much ‘wild’ land can we give away, develop or simply destroy before we pass the point of no return.

Unfortunately, money talks and big money speaks louder. I doubt if Trump is really contemplating giving up the fight. The threat to pull out is simply meant to bring the politicians in line and the possibility of losing some short term employment and future tax dollars will no doubt do the trick.

Greed trumps the environment every time.


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