Political Tap Dancing

Liberal party leader Stephane Dion was confident that one of his MPs, Wajid Khan, would not cross the floor to the Conservative party, even though he had been acting as an advisor on Afghanistan and the mid-east to Prime Minister Stephen Harper since August. Dion was positive.

Amid speculation that a Liberal MP is planning to cross the floor to join the Conservatives, Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion told the CBC Friday he is confident there will be no such defection and that the MP is a “committed Liberal.”

Contrary to reports that Mississauga-Streetsville Liberal MP Wajid Khan had been wooed over by the Tories, Dion said Friday, “in politics you hear many things and to me, Mr. Khan is a colleague. He will be part of the caucus; he will work in a positive way.”

Then Khan made the move and the tap dance began. Dion had a new tune.

As a member of the Liberal Party of Canada, I was never comfortable with Mr. Khan serving as an advisor to a Conservative Prime Minister, as Mr. Khan has done since August of last year. 

As Leader of the Party, I felt it imperative that he decide to which party he would ultimately be loyal. Mr. Khan has now made that decision


OK. So he wasn’t a committed Liberal. Good to be right on top of your caucus.


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