Unsafe storage charge results from act of mercy

The Dec. 30th Regina Leader Post (no link) reports that while police were investigating a reported assault in the neighbourhood, an injured man came to the door of a local residence and asked them to call an ambulance. The homeowner (Ray) was not home at the time but his adult son opened the door and made the call for help. The article goes on:

When Ray tried to enter his neighbourhood later in the day the area was blocked off by city police. He said he’s frustrated because he now faces a charge of unsafe storage of a firearm, because police at his home saw firearms he had taken out to a farm for target practice that hadn’t been returned to his gun safe.“When you let someone in to use the phone to call an ambulance you don’t expect to end up having to pay,” said Ray, adding he’s most worried about the possibly of getting a criminal record.

Another indication of why you should never give easy access to your house. To anyone.


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