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RCMP: The continuing story

December 20, 2006

The federal government has chosen an Acting Commissioner to carry on in the wake of Commissioner Zaccardelli’s resignation. Deputy RCMP Commissioner Beverley Busson, the first female commissioner¬†has stepped into the position for the interim during the search for a permanent replacement. Apparently Busson has indicated that she does not want the job on a permanent basis. Probably a good move as the incoming commissioner will be under the microscope from day one.

In an article in the Globe and Mail, Jeff Sallot asks if the RCMP culture can be changed. He details the recommendations of the commission of inquiry and speculates how the reforms recommended by Justice O’Connor might have protected Maher Arar from his ordeal

I think that any change to the way the RCMP operates will be difficult to enact. Police forces in general are notably insular and the RCMP is not just an ordinary¬†police force. It is also a federal bureaucracy. Turning it around will be akin to shoving a freight train off its’ track

As well, incidents like this don’t help the Mounties’ PR campaign.