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RCMP Commisioner steps down

December 7, 2006

Just watching (now the ex) RCMP Commissioner Zaccardelli give his farewell speech on CTV. Lots of noble quotes and metaphors.

To my way of thinking (possibly unfairly) Zaccardelli’s tenure was defined by the media bump over his purchase of a pair of $1,100 riding boots. It seemed to me to indicate someone more concerned with pomp and circumstance than ‘in the field’ police work.

But for all of the media and public outrage over the Arar case, which precipitated Zaccardelli’s resignation, there were a lot of other incidents with the RCMP over past years that have tainted the reputation of the Force. These were detailed in an article in the Ottawa Sun this past October.

All of this cannot be placed soley on Zaccarelli’s desk as the RCMP has been involved in some questionable practices long before Zaccardelli’s tenure.

Certainly some of the problems with the RCMP can be attributed to the increasing politicization of the organization over the years as detailed here and here.

This can only be fixed if the PMO is willing to reduce its’ power. Fat chance.