The Gun Registry: Why the Liberals need it

To even the densest among us the reason and the need for the gun registry must be coming clear.

1. The Liberals have called for the ban and confiscation of all handguns.

2. The Liberals have called for the ban on all semi-auto firearms.

3. You can’t ban something and then confiscate it without knowing where that object is.

4. The gun registry gives the government of list of who owns those nasty guns they want to confiscate and exactly where they are located.

5. Without the registry there can be no efficient way to go and get those guns.

You don’t think that hasn’t been obvious all along to the anti-gun bureaucrats in Ottawa or to the likes of Wendy Cuckier and her Coalition for Gun Control group?

So were those that kept repeating the old phrase, “registration means confiscation” paranoid, as they were told? Obviously not. We just slid down the slippery slope a little faster than anticipated.


3 Responses to “The Gun Registry: Why the Liberals need it”

  1. John Kmiecik Says:

    I did not or will ever vote for any Liberal party – fed. or prov. Any party that would impose such a useless law on law abiding Canadians has access to too much tax dollars. When will Canada actually wake up to the fact this gun control act has absolutly nothing to do with guns, but a total insult and disregard to our rights as Canadian citizens,that will allow the RCMP access to EVERY ONES home night or day. The news media [ahem], is very selective in what is reported, and that is very obvious when news coverage is reported re: guns and violence. Why is it never said that the the criminal never had their firearm registered? And to all the anti – gun women/lobbyists out there. The sensless murder of the 14 women in Montreal by a sick person yielding a mini 14 has nothing to do with guns. It has every thing to do with a government not being able to admit fault that their implied legal system and the society that THEY created is not worth a damn.

  2. totalrecoil Says:

    The MSM, either through ignorance, laziness or malice continues to misrepresent what the registry actually is, leaving readers with the impression that it is the complete gun control package, including licensing. It is difficult to carry on a rational discussion when the media and the public don’t understand the topic of conversation.

  3. Amien Says:

    Wow! Great info. I wish, I could have such a writing skills:)))))

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