Exit From Iraq

With the democrats sitting in a position of power in Washington there is definitely a push to “bring the boys home” from Iraq. The simple mindedness of this policy is so naive as to be frightening.

I’m with Mark Steyn on this. Writing in the Chicago Sun-Times on the Iraq Study Group and the rumours that they will recommend pulling the troops out of Iraq, Steyn says:

Don’t get me wrong, I like a Friars’ Club Roast as much as the next guy and I’m sure Jim Baker kibitzing with John Kerry was the hottest ticket in town. But doesn’t it strike you as just a tiny bit parochial? Aside from Senator Kerry, I wonder whether the commission thought to hear from anyone such as Goh Chok Tong, the former prime minister of Singapore. A couple of years back, on a visit to Washington just as the Democrat-media headless-chicken quagmire-frenzy was getting into gear, he summed it up beautifully:

”The key issue is no longer WMD or even the role of the U.N. The central issue is America’s credibility and will to prevail.”

As I write in my new book, Singaporean Cabinet ministers apparently understand that more clearly than U.S. senators, congressmen and former secretaries of state. Or, as one Baker Commission grandee told the New York Times, ”We had to move the national debate from whether to stay the course to how do we start down the path out.”

An ”exit strategy” on those terms is the path out not just from Iraq but from a lot of other places, too — including Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Venezuela, Russia, China, the South Sandwich Islands. For America would be revealed to the world as a fraud: a hyperpower that’s all hype and no power — or, at any rate, no will. According to the New York Sun, ”An expert adviser to the Baker-Hamilton commission expects the 10-person panel to recommend that the Bush administration pressure Israel to make concessions in a gambit to entice Syria and Iran to a regional conference . . .”

Read the whole article. Steyn makes sense and he is funny as well.

To pull out of Iraq now simply confirms to the world that the US has no staying power. Kill a few soldiers and they will limp home with their tail between their legs.

There is no question that they have misjudged amd mishandled the situation in Iraq, but setting a timetable to pull out the US troops will only encourage more violent opposition. If they think that by bailing out they will make their country safer they only prove that they have no understanding of the mindset of the Islamic fundamentalists.

If we weren’t talking about politics and politicians I would hope that common sense would prevail. We’ll see what Wednesday brings when the report is released.


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