“Quebec as a Nation”

Small Dead Animals links to a quote by Phil Fontaine, National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations which she titles “Beyond Parody”.

“Any action that elevates the status of one segment of Canadian society over another is completely wrong. There is a real appreciation in Canada that we don’t do nation building in this way.”

Is that funny or merely ironic?


One Response to ““Quebec as a Nation””

  1. ZorroIsGod Says:

    Quebec not a french word

    The name “Quebec”, which comes from an Algonquin word meaning “strait” or “narrowing”, originally meant the narrowing of the St. Lawrence River off what is currently Quebec City. There have been variations in spelling of the name:

    So if Quebecois is a nation then it falls under First Nation of many nations…. jurisdiction is of First Nation and is bound to Canada under mutual agreements…

    Quebecois are the same as Meti nation I know because my last Name Is Brunelle and one of the MP’s on the BOC is also Brunelle… The old Quebecois are from a Native-French background……

    They wont tell anyone this….

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