Just returned from Toronto from the Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA) AGM. The highlight was an address at the Saturday night banquet by NRA President Sandra Froman. A very good talk going back to how a young, San Francisco born, Los Angeles based lawyer, who had never been exposed to firearms ownership, ever ended up being President of the strongest gun-rights organization in the world. (I will link to this talk as soon as it is posted on the CSSA site).


There were other interesting presentations given at a townhall meeting on Saturday afternoon by Garry Breitkreuz (Federal MP – Yorkton Melville) and Ed Burlew, an Ontario lawyer specializing in firearms law.

Garry received an enthusiastic welcome from the participants – both at the townhall meeting and the evening banquet – in recognition of the fact that he and his parliamentary assistant in Ottawa, Dennis Young, have been crucial in keeping the issue of gun control and the failings of the federal Liberal’s ill-conceived Bill C-68 in the public and parliamentary view.


Garry’s talk centered around what is happening in Ottawa regarding firearms legislation and the difference in fighting the fight as an opposition MP as compared to being a government MP. The difference being in the main that as an opposition MP you can raise hell publicly but as a government MP you have to be more circumspect. Some call it being muzzled, but unfortunately it is simply a fact of political life. If you are a member of government that is formulating policy you simply can’t lay all of your cards on the table ahead of time. So we as constituents are forced to simply wait and keep the faith.


Ed Burlew’s talk was more disturbing as he dealt with firearms cases in the courts and how the federal prosecutors ware dealing with firearms charges in Ontario. None of it was good news. They are aggressively going after gun owners with the intent of confiscating firearms. That’s not meant as seizing them until the individual has had his day court and then returning them if he is found to be not guilty. That means confiscating them and refusing to give them back come hell or high water.

This is particularly disturbing in light of the fact that the Conservative government is supposed to be friendlier to the beleaguered Canadian gun owner. What it appears to me is that the old bureaucrats from the previous government are still alive and well and doing business in Ottawa. At least I presume that is is why these policies are still being followed to the detriment of gun owners. I had hoped to see a much more positive attitude toward gun ownership once the Conservatives came to power, even as a minority government. Unfortunately a positive change in attitude in the bureaucracy hasn’t been that noticeable. 



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