Federal firearms amnesty problems

When the federal government announced its’ amnesty for unregistered firearms many owners thought that they had been given a free pass. Although the wording of the amnesty was specific, some hearing the word “amnesty”, thought it applied to licensing as well as registration and in some cases did not renew their PALs and POLs. A mistake, particularly for those who let their POLs lapse and then discovered that if they now wished to renew they would have to upgrade to a PAL and take the course and write (or challenge) the exam.

But the amnesty is only to protect owners of unregistered non-restricted firearms from criminal prosecution. And in fact it is even narrower than that. You are only protected under the amnesty if you are currently holding a valid POL or PAL or if you have held one that expired after January 1st, 2004.

Recently another aspect of the amnesty came to light. It turns out that although you may be protected from prosecution, you are not protected from having your firearms seized if you are holding them illegally – ie: unregistered. This was brought home by a notice to police agencies from the Canadian Firearms Centre that clearly identified that the police have the ability to seize any unregistered firearms even if the owners have the prerequisite possession licenses.

Now an article on the website Opinion250  shows that at least  some RCMP detachments are following this directive to the letter in confiscating firearms from hunters even though the CFC directive did suggest that police use some discretion in this area.

Many firearms owners thought that the amnesty was a positive step and simply a forerunner to the complete cancellation of the long-gun registry. But this is dependent on the minority Conservative government getting legislation passed to do so, or alternatively gaining a majority government in an anticipated spring election.

As it sits now it appears that the amnesty that was supposed to be friendly towards firearm owners has had unintended  consequences.

At least I hope that they were unintended. Although we have a new government that is supposed to be sympathetic towards legitimate firearms owners we still have the old anti-firearms bureaucracy in place.

That becomes more apparent as we go along.


One Response to “Federal firearms amnesty problems”

  1. Mauser Says:

    Go chew on their tail!

    The slimy Liberals are still running the bureaucracy even if the Tories have a PM in place.

    We need a Tory majority — if for nothing else to see if Harper isn’t another say-anything-to-get-elected guy like Paul ‘dithers’ Martin

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