More Liberal misinformation

On the federal Liberal’s website there is a news release that is one of the most disingenuous pieces of writing that I have seen in some time.

It is entitled “Liberals slam Harper on gun control” and then proceeds to makes statements that only a Liberal spin doctor could justify.

The article of course refers to the murder at Dawson College in Montreal as well as Prime Minister Harper’s statements that his government intends to proceed with the legislation to get rid of the long gun registry.

To take a look at a few of the statements in on the Liberal webpage:

Since the registry was introduced five years ago, almost 7 million firearms have been registered and death rates for all types of gun deaths – homicide, suicide and accidents – have declined.

To begin with, why would you expect gun related deaths to decrease because legitimate firearm owners have registered their firearms? They were owned by those individuals before they went on to a government inventory list and nothing has changed by doing so.

Having said that here are the facts and figures.

Homicides using firearms reduced from 184 in 2000 to 161 in 2003 but then increased back up to 172 in 2004. Overall homicides were at their lowest in 2000 at 546 and had increased to 622 in 2004. (Source: Statistics Canada)

When anyone speaks of “gun deaths” they are talking about the total of suicide, homicide and accidental deaths. From 1979 to 2002 suicide made up 80% of those deaths attributed to firearms. For instance in 2001 there were 3688 deaths by suicide of which 651 were firearm related. In 2003 there were 3764 suicides of which 618 were firearms related. (Source: Statistics Canada)

Although firearm related suicides between 2000 and 2003 fell by 49 cases, overall suicides in Canada increased by  159 cases. Which would seem to indicate that if an individual wants to commit suicide they will do so with or without firearms. So where is the benefit to society? Does the fact that an individual chooses to commit suicide with a firearms make it worse than if the choice is hanging?

Police officers affirm that the gun registry is a crucial tool to prevent gun violence in Canada. It is used 5,000 times a day by law enforcement officers to assist in their investigations of firearms crimes.

This is a “fact” that the federal Liberals and their cohorts have been throwing out for years. Then when someone finally checked it out it was found to be a fallacy. In actual fact, most of those “hits” are automatic when a police officer accesses the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC).

Deputy House Leader and Montreal MP Marlene Jennings suggested the true reasons behind the Conservatives’ move to dismantle the gun registry lie with their close connections to the National Rifle Association and its Canadian affiliates.


It gets sillier by the paragraph. The Conservative party has “close connections to the National Rifle Association”? Hardly. Almost as silly is implying that the NRA has Canadian affiliates. There are organizations in Canada that support the rights of firearm owners but none that I know of are ‘affiliated’ with the NRA. They probably all admire the NRA for their political strength in the US, but affiliation? No.


“Since the beginning, the gun lobby has been a fundamental pillar or Reform, Alliance and now non-progressive Conservative politics,” she said.


If there is a ‘gun lobby’ in Canada it has supported those parties because they believed that from they truly understood how bad the federal firearms legislation was. Certainly the individual hunter or recreational shooter was turned away from the Liberal party by their blatant attempt to demonize all firearm owners.


“Documents just released by Elections Canada reveal that the gun lobby spent over $133,000 in the last election alone to support the Conservatives’ campaign to weaken gun control.”


$133,000? Pretty small potatoes compared to the $1 billion plus that the Liberals spent jamming it down our throats.


Mr. Graham pointed out that Mr. Harper registry is too blinded by special interests to recognize that the gun registry help to keep Canadians safe.“In Canada we register our cars, our property, even our dogs –yet the Prime Minister’s objection to registering guns centres on costs,” he said. 


Ah, the old saw – “we register our cars”, expanded to include property and dogs. Well you don’t have to register your car unless you want to drive it on a public road. And you aren’t required by law to store it safely under threat of criminal charges as well as confiscation of the car and loss of your driver’s license. Property and dogs are even a stupider argument.


But that is the type of commentary that we have come to expect from the late unlamented governing party. Pity.


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